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Geoscientific consultation

Since 2012, we have been offering geophysical services adapted to the needs of environmental and geotechnical characterization. We believe that geophysical planning should be done early in a project and involving the geophysical specialist. We therefore encourage you to contact us at the very beginning of your planning work so that we can offer you a multi-method approach that will take into account the strengths and limitations of each of them and that will allow you to achieve your objectives in the most optimal way possible.

And we go even further!

Much more than a geophysics company, geostack can support you in your projects during the planning and implementation of your characterization work. We believe that the planning of site characterization work must be done using an optimized approach and integrating all disciplines (geophysics, geotechnics, land surveying, bathymetry, LIDAR, etc.). Thanks to our experienced multidisciplinary team, we can offer you integrated solutions, paying particular attention to the scope, budget and objectives of your projects.

Our team can also support you in the context of geoscientific expertise covering fields as varied as geophysics, geotechnics, geology, hydrogeology, geothermal energy and northern engineering.

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